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But  why "Mad"?

Most people- especially church-goers- think we are crazy, mad, which is really ironic, in view of the easily provable facts that their dogmas have NOTHING to do with what Christ and the Bible teaches...their nominal 'faith' is built on 2,000 years of deceptive tradition initiated by the Catholic Church which spread through the Protestant churches.

For example, "one" God that is supposed to be THREE co-Supreme beings, who BBQ billions for all eternity...How Jesus 'DIED' for us, altho having an 'IMMORTAL soul', etc.

Thus this site has a twofold purpose; to expose the fallacies, and to prove the Truths- so it may disturb many people; for who likes to discover they have been duped, fooled, ignorant. It certainly disturbed ME at first!

Myself, along with other 'mad' JWs (Jehovah's Witnesses & friends) will, however, try to make it rather enjoyable with what is, to us, humurous... and yet tragic, at the same time.

HOWEVER, I really DO TRY to prove any claim; for only a fool thinks he knows all....and if it DOESN'T have any real foundation, we will quickly see!

So, for those that still know how to THINK, welcome to the Insane World of Religion...and where we focus on CHURCHianity, only....


John 18:38- “What is truth?” retorted Pilate.

 Jesus Christ (John 4:24) stated that we MUST worship his God and Father with spirit (enthusiasm and zeal) and TRUTH... yet every religion and philosophy have entirely different concepts as to what the 'truth' on any given subject is supposed to BE!

         The only people on earth to EVER be directly ruled by God were the Jews- and even THEY replaced Truth with fiction- thus Christ''s warnings!
      So- with everyone having their own version of what they feel is "truth"- and we know all  the contradicting dogmas AREN'T- how
CAN one know?
      The answer is quite simple: Truth is provable, Fiction isn't- no matter HOW much one wants to believe it.
      Since we can see dishonesty and deception in all areas of life, it's clear that truth is often unwanted. And, should one find it, would they magically admire you? As Jesus himself put it-
Luke 6:26-
Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you,
for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets

    Therefore it is no surprise in the LEAST that CHURCHianity (all the many churches claiming to be Christian, but teaching and behaving otherwise) despises us for showing others what the TRUTH really is- and proving it with the scriptures.
And, adding to that are the mistakes humans make- and pretenders, and some that become corrupt that often brings condemnation on us- the Truths and good deeds all but forgotten.
    The study of Religion reveals the deepest, darkest deceptions in all human history, as the instinctive belief all men have that God exists has been continually exploited, to such a horrid extent, and in such foul ways, that many today REJECT the concept.
       The Purpose of this site is not to glorify or promote the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. The Truth revealed in scripture is what will be- with a lot of tragilarious digs at religious DOGMA, and ritual- NOT people.
     So, if you are easily offended, you may want to flee now!


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